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I ask a person made a voyage to to Hotojima

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, I would like cooperation of the thermometry before boarding. The wearing of finger sterilization and the mask hopes that I have scrupulous consideration sequentially.

An island is idle leisurely relaxedly

Summary of Hotojima
 In an island appearing in Bungosuido of about 14km from the Tsukumi Port, it is neighborhood 4km, area 0.86k heihometoru, population about 800. By the tuna fishery that began in the Meiji middle part, I am landing tunas now in various parts of Japan.
Origin of the name
 As for the origin of the name of Hotojima, the Emperor Keiko is impressed by beautiful seaweed and is said to be the beginning of the name that named "the gate (hotsumenoto) of the best seaweed" when I take the last, and it was in "Hotojima".
For more details, it is an information site of Hotojima from this
100 selections of history culture property of the fishery fishing village which I want to leave in the future
The island has little level ground, and houses of 3 or 4 stories jostle each other in the tilts from the shore to the mountain and make unique scenery suggesting the Mediterranean Sea.
 The history, culture, the scenery of a fishing village, fishermen of Hotojima were chosen as "100 selections of history culture property of the fishery fishing village which I wanted to leave in the future". 
Hotojima summer festival
Hotojima summer festival (July) that is a big festival is performed for two days in the summer of Kamo Shrine who enshrined a divided divine spirit of Kamigamo, Kyoto Shrine; of a noh dance, the fish seize; a lot of pleasure including fireworks. It is full of many islanders and tourists.
Kamo Shrine
 The other god of thunder (wakaikazuchinokami) was considered to be it Kanjiyo as a guardian deity of the island from Kamigamo, Kyoto Shrine. I am informed it with the creation of (1535) in 1535.
Hyuga Donburi
Gold medal receiving a prize consecutive for grand prix two years quite gourmet noted product Hyuga Donburi
It is the fisherman dish which was devised when nourishment be produced between the fishing that a fisherman of Hotojima is severe quickly. With the red meat of the tuna as a slice, I toss the sesame which I put seasonings such as sesame or soy sauce, the sugar and the spices such as leeks in in whom and am the bowl which I picked up on the burning hot rice.
Hyuga Donburi
Course dishes of the tuna 
 Course dishes are recommended to the person who wants to taste "a tuna" thoroughly.
Including "Hyuga Donburi," I can thoroughly enjoy the delicacy of the tuna including grilling foods on an iron plate tuna steak of the heart and the grilled fish head with full of the collagen. As the course dishes require reservation, apply in ℡.
Hotojima Okawa
Tsukumi city 1120, Hotojima
Course dishes 2,700 yen ... (require reservation)
70 seats
℡ 0972-87-2024
hyuga bowl
State of the Hotojima tuna tour
"The backbone section of a fish of the tuna" that the left photograph becomes the optional menu
It is one article that there is simply because I handled a fresh tuna carefully.
I scoop a backbone section of a fish with a spoon and sashimi is sushi and has.

Hotojima ... to see in visiting famous places ... photograph 

I plow the island of Hotojima

Plow the island of Hotojima; group Hotonosato

The volunteer of islanders performs an approach to grind Hotojima where a population decline is remarkable well. It revives in traditional cake of high quality "kazumaki" and, at a summer festival, the Bon Festival, works on the setting of the rest station, the offer of a meal, the drink at the branch. In addition, I participate in cleaning of distant Miyama and hold Tsu ppakude event and am carrying out the action for marriage business positively❤

Vicolo Hotojima - snacks eating alley ...

The mothers of the island play a key role, and I plow the island, and a meeting opens "the heated meeting breeding in Hotojima". What thought that wanted to know the delicious thing of the island more in this, and began "Vicolo Hotojima - snacks eating alley -." vicolo is an alley in Italian. The mothers who did a slightly stylish light blue apron greet!

Let's go to Hotojima


[Tsukumi - Hotojima route]
 The sixth flight time required 25 minutes a day
 ■Rate adult one way 880 yen
               Dwarf one way 440 yen
 ※October 1, 2019 rate revision
 ■Inquiry about the route
 Yamamaru Tsukumi office 
  ℡ 0972-82-2507
 ※It is a 5-minute walk from JR Tsukumi Station

Hotojima route timetable

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