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Gourmet map entry form

Gourmet map entry form (PDF)

(2023-09-04, 77KB)

Tools for accepting foreigners 2019.10.29

Recently, many foreign tourists can be seen.
First of all, the wall to acceptance is "words", but since many support tools are open to the public, I would like to introduce them.
◆ Pointing conversation sheet for restaurants (Chiba City)
◆ Pointing phrasebook for buses and taxis (Kyushu District Transport Bureau)
◆ "Reception / Medical Manual for Foreign Travelers to Japan", "Multilingual Tools" (Kyushu District Transport Bureau)
◆ Explanatory materials for accepting foreign patients at medical institutions (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
◆ Multilingual Medical Questionnaire (NPO International Exchange Hearty Konandai, Kanagawa International Exchange Foundation)
◆ Manual for foreigners (Japan Tourism Agency)
◆ Disaster prevention information for foreigners (Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Preparation Bureau)
◆ Multilingual disaster prevention video "Earthquake! What to do at that time?" (12 languages) (Sendai International Tourism Association)

Tsukumi Marche Looking for products for sale 2019.10.20

Tsukumi Marche is always looking for products for sale.
We are waiting for your products ahead of the Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree Festival.
[Image of what we are looking for]
・ Things that Tsukumi people are involved in raw materials and manufacturing
・ Products unique to Tsukumi (seafood, oranges, shiitake mushrooms, lime / cement ...)
・ Souvenirs from the south of Oita prefecture and the north of Miyazaki prefecture
・ Food, processed products, woodwork products, stickers, picture postcards, etc.
[Sales conditions]
・ We will have a direct meeting (purchase sales or consignment sales, amount of money, arrival method, etc.). Please feel free to contact us.
Person in charge: Tsukumi Marche store manager Shunzo Ichihashi
Phone: 0972-85-3111
FAX: 0972-85-3112

Notice of accommodation facility acceptance environment maintenance support project cost subsidy (third) 3

We would like to inform you that the third open call for participants has started on the prefectural office website from 10/16th to 11/20 (Wednesday), the first year of Reiwa.
*Before applying, please be sure to consult with the Tourism Bureau of the Oita Prefecture Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labor Department by the First Year of Reiwa, 11/13. Please note that applications cannot be accepted without prior consultation.
◆ Outline of subsidy
[Target businesses] Accommodation businesses such as inns and hotels
[Target business] Efforts to meet specific customer needs
[Subsidy amount] Within 1,000,000 yen (lower limit is 200,000 yen based on project costs)
[Subsidy rate] 1/2
[Subsidy target expenses] Consumables, repair expenses, service expenses, consignment fees, usage fees, construction contract expenses, equipment purchase expenses, etc.
[Application period] 10/16 (Wednesday) - 11/20 (Wednesday)

Tsukumi Photobook that can be used for free is released 2019.9.11

An image library of Tsukumi's photographs has been tentatively released.
For non-profit and personal use only, you can use it freely if you describe the copyright.
For commercial use, we would like to confirm the contents, so please contact us in advance (* There is no plan to collect usage fees at this time).
[How to use]
・Private use (personal blogs, etc.) and non-profit activities can be used without application, but please indicate "copy right: Tsukumi Tourisum Association" in an easy-to-understand manner. Please specify that it is a photo.When using multiple sheets, you may list them all in one place.
・For commercial use or if you want to hide the copyright, please contact the Tsukumi City Tourism Association (info@tsukumiryoku.com, 0972-82-9521).
・ Please contact us if you can provide us with attractive photos of Tsukumi.
* File formats are mainly jpeg format and heic format (Mac, iPhone).Please use free software to convert the file format.
[Tsukumi Image Library]
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