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Tsukumi Hyugadon Campaign

Summer stamina food! Tsukumi Hyugadon

Oita Gourmand Grand Prix Gold Award for 2 consecutive years

 "Hyugadon" is a fisherman's dish designed to help the fishermen of Hotojima, who prospered as a tuna pelagic fishing base, quickly get nourishment between harsh fishing.
 It is a bowl of red tuna mixed with a special sesame sauce containing soy sauce, sugar, etc. and placed on hot rice.
 Let's survive the summer by eating "Hyugadon", a stamina food with a sesame scent.

2024 Tsukumi Hyugadon Campaign

■ Duration
・2024/4/27 (Sat) - 9/1 (Sun)
・If you collect two stamps at a restaurant (Hyugadon), sweets/souvenir shop, etc., answer a questionnaire and apply, a stamp rally will be held to win a gorgeous prize!
If you also collect stamps from Dolphin Island, you will win a "Swim with Dolphins" ticket! !!

There are shops that offer Hyugadon mini (small serving), and shops that have recommended set menus and children's lunches besides Hyugadon!Enjoy with the whole family ♪

*The menu varies depending on the store, so please check the introduction page of the participating store for details.

Flyer table(2021-07-30 ・ 1555KB)

How to Apply
How to Apply
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