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Sato no Eki Tsukumi Marche

<< List of Tsukumi Marche Corona Infection Prevention Measures >>

In order to prevent the spread of infection, we will take the following measures and implement appropriate infection control measures in accordance with the guidance of the national, prefectural and municipal governments.
1. Thorough satellite management of employees
(1) Thorough employee health check
・ Measure and record body temperature every morning before going to work.If you feel unwell, you will stop going to work.
(2) Employees wear masks and wash their hands thoroughly
・ Employees always wear masks, wash their hands, and disinfect.
2. Strengthening measures against infectious diseases in the store
(3) Filtering for fever
・ Infrared thermography will be installed at the entrance of Tsukumi Marche to filter fever.
・ If you suspect that you have a fever, we will measure your body temperature again with a radiant thermometer. Please refrain from entering the store if you have a fever of 37.5 ° C or higher.
(4) Thorough prevention of droplet infection, etc.
・ Please disinfect both hands with antiseptic solution for visitors.
・ Please be sure to wear a mask for all visitors.
(Please refrain from entering customers who cannot cooperate in wearing masks)
・ A shield stand will be installed in front of the cash register to prevent droplet infection.
・ Please keep a certain distance between customers.
・ Please make a reservation in advance for group use.
(5) Implementation of admission restrictions
・ If the store is crowded, we may limit the number of visitors.
・From early June, we plan to send information on the congestion situation of the parking lot using a web camera.
* Our shop supports cashless payment.
We sell various Tsukumi dolphin island goods, Tsukumi city special products, Oita prefecture special products and so on.
Opening hours: 10: 00 to 16: 00
Regular holiday: Every Tuesday 
      *Temporarily closed from 1/1 (Sat) to 1/4 (Tue)
     Dolphin Island maintenance closed
     About Tsukumi Marche holidays
     Once decided, Tsukumi City Tourism Association
     We will inform you on the homepage.
TEL: 0972-85-3111

We accept nationwide shipping!

We will deliver a number of Tsukumi's special products to your hometown in your favorite combination.

Special product corner

We have a lot of special products from Tsukumi city as well as special products from Oita prefecture.

Dolphin Island Goods

There are many kinds of goods such as Dolphin Island and Umitamago goods!
At the entrance, a cute stuffed dolphin welcomes everyone.

Tsukumi Marche Information Pamphlet



Tsukumi City Tourism Association
Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City, Chuo-machi 1-30
FAX: 0972-82-7106
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