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Sorin Otomo

Otomo Sorin Duke The Land of the End

 Sorin Otomo (1530-1587) is famous as a military commander who ruled the six countries of Central Kyushu during the Warring States period and as a Christian daimyo.
 Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture, is the land of the end of Sorin Otomo.The 100-year-old cedar grove of Sorin's tomb was once called "Tentokuji no Mori" (a church built by Sorin), and the forest has a dignified atmosphere.

Sorin Otomo Samurai Stamp

Family crest (Hugging Kyouha)
 As a commemoration of the visitation to Otomo Sorin Duke Cemetary Park, the "Samurai Stamp" used as the crest of the Otomo family and as a signature seal is now available for purchase.
 The words ``Sorinko Tomb'' were written by Fuuka Hirakawa, a native of Tsukumi City, who won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the 54th Takanoyama Competition Calligraphy Competition.

■ Press
Introduced in the 10/3 Mainichi Shimbun (local edition, Oita prefecture)
10/7 Introduced in NHK "Irodori OITA" and "News 845 Oita"
Huaya (Francisco)
■ Sales price
1sheet 300yen
■ Types (2 types)
・ Family crest (Kyouha hugging)
・ Huaya (Francisco)
■ Sales location / contact information
879-2441 Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City, Chuo-machi 1-30
Tsukumi City Tourism Association Samurai Stamp
Phone: 0972-82-9521
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Email: info@tsukumiryoku.com
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(For each 1 postal money order, a fee of 100 yen will be charged.)
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Statue of Otomo Sorin Duke (in front of Tsukumi station)

Statue of Otomo Sorin Duke

Construction / donation


Otomo Sorin Duke Tomb (designated Heisei 8/1/11, City Historic Site)


 The name "Sourin" was devoted to Zen Buddhism in the 5th year of Eiroku (1562), shaved and named, and is the most used name as a street name.
 The relationship between Sorin and Tsukumi dates back to the late 40s, before the invasion of Hinata in Tensho 6 (1578). After that, in the 11th year of Tensho, when he retired to Tentokuji, he aimed to create an ideal country by Christianity, which was his long-cherished dream. However, he ascended in the middle of his ambition. He was 58 years old.
 Initially, it was buried in a Christian tomb, but when Hideyoshi issued an order to expel Batteren, his eldest son, Yoshimune (Yoshimune), reburied it in a Buddhist style, but it is said that the tomb was also devastated.
 The current tomb was reinterred by Usuki Castle Ruins, a descendant of the former vassal during the Kansei era (1789-1801).

 On the front of the gravestone is "Zuiho-in Mae Habayashi Deputy General and Sakongo Kyuan Sorin Daishi", and on the side is "Tensho 15th Year Yin Fire Pig May 3rd Spring Autumn 50 Yu 8 years old", "Kyushu" It is engraved with "Futajima Iyo bureaucratic servant fourth rank lower and Sakonoe Shogun Otomo Saemon lord Genyoshi."When I read the inscription, I feel that the awe of the vassal's lord is conveyed.
 As the times changed, Dou was also rebuilt, but in Showa 52, the "Otomo Sorin Duke Awards" was formed with Mr. Tamotsu Ueda as the founder.Arata IsozakiUnder his design, Christian tombstones were lined up and reborn as a graveyard as seen today.

Huaya / Seal (Otomo Sorin Duke Tomb)

16th year of astronomical 18th year of astronomical
21th year of astronomical 22th year of astronomical
Eiroku 5 years
Eiroku 5th year to Tensho 3rd year
Tensho 6rd year
Tensho 7 to Tensho 8
Tensho 10 to Tensho 14
Tensho 14 to Tensho 15



879-2421 Tsukumi, Tsukumi, Oita Prefecture, 4198-1


15 ordinary cars * Sightseeing buses cannot be parked.


10 minutes by car or 25 minutes on foot from Tsukumi Station on the JR Nippou Line

Otomo Park-Overlooking the city, cement factory, and Tsukumi Bay-

Otomo Park Map

・ Regular car parking lot available * Sightseeing buses cannot be parked. 
5 minutes by car from Tsukumi Station on the JR Nippou Line  

879 Otomomachi, Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture 2431-6
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