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Tsukumi fan dance

It is 2020.6.22 about the cancellation of the 57th Tsukumi fan dance meeting

Cancellation decided "the Tsukumi fan dance meeting" held in the end of August in an average year under the influence of new coronavirus in this year.

About the photography of the Tsukumi fan dance meeting

Open participation document

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About Tsukumi fan dance daughter dispatch

The Tsukumi fan dance daughter appears at each event in the city, event of the suburbs, the outside the prefecture commencing with "a Tsukumi fan dance meeting" held every year in the end of August in Motoichi to plan preservation and upbringing of the traditional arts "folding fan dance" of the Tsukumi city, the spread advertising and the succession.

Dance figure ... which is excited in ... beauty

With the wish of the memorial service of a brave man and the farmer killed in battle now for the age of civil strife approximately 450 years ago, I am informed it when I founded a folding fan dance to cross a flow of the traditional dance of Kyoto performed to the accompaniment of folk songs.

In the middle of flavor, the confused fight of the brave man who drew an Australian bow to the full, the figure of "mirrors set against each other" that an ancient rite was refined and enjoyed it, and to be dressed in, the dance look that the flow of the folding fan which it was felt that I just saw a voice of the victory of "eieio", the heart of the samurai who, as it were, remembered those days as for the end and loaded with beauty, glamor, the joys and sorrows was beautiful were succeeded as the folk art which represented Tsukumi city until today, and this dance was appointed in formlessness folk cultural assets of Oita in 2012.

"A Tsukumi fan dance meeting" is held for the end of August, and approximately 800 show the dance of the folding fan including "a folding fan dance daughter" authorized by the city every year from an adult in the Tsukumi city to the child society.

Traditional dance dance ... named ... luxuriance

Is it a folding fan dance?

Is it a folding fan dance?

Is it a folding fan dance?

Is it a folding fan dance?

Is it a folding fan dance?

The child society participates with happi coats together, too. Are you struggling desperately with a folding fan dance to dance by model-learning?

It is the true boys and girls chorus of the oak having you show a wonderful melodious voice. Having a folding fan, a child and small children who sing while dancing called popular name "subon child" run through stage narrow shito.


It is folding fan dance daughters. 19 women from a high school student living in the city to the public come and dance on a stage, and they dance a kimono. I repeat exercises and, as well as this meeting, have you publicize a folk art of Tsukumi-shi when you visit the elderly person facilities. They who dance with a dignified expression are fascinating so as to nail the eyes of the audience.

Tsukumi fan dance - Oita designated immaterial folk cultural assets―

Tsukumi fan dance instruction video

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