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Remote island


The history, culture and landscape of Hotojima's fishing villages and fishermen have been selected as one of the "100 Best Historical and Cultural Properties of Fishing Villages to Keep in the Future".There are few flatlands on the island, and the slopes from the coast to the mountains are crowded with three- and four-story houses, creating a unique landscape reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea.


At Mukushima, you can enjoy swimming and rocky shore on the coast, which is rich in nature.Recently, precious fossils from the time when dinosaurs lived have been discovered, and astronomical observations are also attracting attention because there are few light sources around them.


The chart seen on Ajirojima was created in the "Triassic" about 250 to 200 million years ago, immediately after the largest mass extinction of living things in the history of the earth. It's an era.
As you cross the sandy road, the surrounding rocks change from black, green, purple to red.It is said to be a record of the history of the earth from the time when many creatures were extinct due to the environment with low oxygen to the time when the environment was restored.
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