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Tsukumin Rental Bicycles

Let's take a walk in Tsukumi on a Tsukuminchari!

From September, Tsukumi city started renting a bicycle "Tsukuminchari"!
All are electrically assisted, so it's perfect for those who want to go out a little!
Please feel the comfortable breeze by touching nature such as the sea and mountains of Tsukumi ♪

Opening hours
Tsukumi City Tourism Association
1-30 Chuocho
(In front of Tsukumi station)
Weekdays: 9am to 16pm
Holidays: 10am to 14pm
New Year's Holiday
Price: with electric assist 1 day 1,000 yen
   Ordinary bicycle 1 yen per day

Number of units: 5 units with electric assist
   2 regular bicycles

Rental bicycle terms of use

(2023-06-20, 216KB)

Join the ranks

A new bicycle (mamachari) joins the ranks from April!
It's a great deal (1 day 300 yen).
Please take care of Tsukumin Chari 4 and 5.

Recommended course

Town Pota Course "Limestone / Cement Industry Town. Tsukumi" (approx. 12km)

When thinking of Tsukumi, mines and factories come to mind. Let's go to the dazzling world of Mine/Factory Moe ♪

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