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Umieru Tsukuminchi

What kind of thing is Umieru Tsukuminchi

[Business Hours] 9:00〜17:00 
[Closed] 1/1st-1/5th
[TEL] 0972−85−0001
[Address] 3824−69 Takasumachi-cho, Tsukumi-shi

February 2021, 2 Bungo Tuna Dismantling Show Held! !!

We will hold a dismantling show of Bungo Tuna Yokoduna on Saturday, February 2021, 2!
Free gifts of dismantled tuna fences for purchases of 3000 yen or more (finished as soon as they run out).
In addition, there are plenty of events such as all-you-can-stuff tuna and all-you-can-stuff oranges.Please come and visit us.

* On the day of the event, thermography and disinfection of fingers are installed as measures against infectious diseases.Also, please wear a mask and cooperate with social distance.

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