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Hotojima Summer Festival 

Hotojima Summer Festival 2019/7/5 (Friday) and 6th (Saturday)

portable shrine
Kamo Shrine, which is said to have been founded in Tenbun 4 (1535), was solicited by Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto as the guardian gentleman of Hotojima.
The "Hotojima Summer Festival", which is the summer festival of Kamo Shrine, is held for two days, and is crowded with tourists including many islanders, such as dedicating kagura, catching fresh fish, running on the water and fireworks.

Hotojima Summer Festival Program in the first year of Reiwa

7/5 (Friday) [Yoimiya]
 11:00 Elementary school parade / ensemble (Nishikojihama)
 15:00 Kamo Shrine / Kagura
 16:00 Hamade
 17:00 Pray for maritime safety and big catch
 19:30 Night Kagura
Saturday, 7/6 [Festival]
 10:00 Setachi 
 10:30 Fish catching tournament (under the fishing village center) Participation fee 300 yen
 13:30 Kagura, hot water stand, mochi-maki
      Return of Mikami
 19:15 Elementary school student performance, fireworks
     *In case of rain, performance → cancellation, fireworks → postponement
Notice of temporary flight operation of Yamamaru Departing from Hotojima on 7/6 at 21 o'clock
  Boarding tickets will be sold at the branch office lobby on 7/5-6.
   Adult 800 yen Child 400 yen
 (If the capacity reaches 150 people, sales will end even during the period)
 ◎ The program may change due to rain or typhoon.

Hotojima photo

Shimauchi limited Kazumaki
Shimauchi limited Kazumaki
Hotojima panoramic view
Hotojima panoramic view
Prefectural Road 612
Prefectural Road 612
Grilled helmet
Grilled tuna helmet
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