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Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree (Youra Peninsula)

Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree

1.2. In February, you will receive a letter of cherry blossoms from Youra Peninsula as soon as possible.

There are currently more than 5000 kawazu Cherry Trees in the Youra area, making it the largest kawazu Cherry Tree spot in Oita Prefecture.
Every year, we hear news of flowering in early February, and the best time to see them is around mid-February. I think that you can enjoy the flowers of the kawazu Cherry Tree during February.

Since January 2005, residents of the Youra Peninsula have taken the lead in planting trees along roadsides in the area.The number of trees has been increasing year by year due to the persistent efforts of local residents and the kind donation of saplings.


When the weather is nice, the blue color of the sea and the pink of the kawazu Cherry Tree that bloomed along the road shines well, making it even more beautiful.

Why don't you feel the arrival of early spring in Youra?

When is the best time to see the Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree?

The Bungosuido kawazu Cherry Tree usually blooms from early February and is in full bloom from mid-February to late February, but the blooming conditions vary depending on the temperature and location of the year.
The flowers in 60 to 80% bloom before its full bloom is very vigorous and beautiful, but the 50 to 60% bloom is still beautiful.
According to the Tsukumi City Tourism Association, more than half of the cherry blossom viewing spots (12 locations)
A declaration will be issued when the following conditions occur.
Cherry BlossomsFlowering declarationCherry Blossoms     Ichibunzaki or more   
Cherry BlossomsBest time to seeCherry Blossoms     More than 50 to 60% bloom 
Cherry BlossomsDeclaration of full bloomCherry Blossoms     More than 70% bloom 
Cherry BlossomsDeclaration of “Lasting Cherry Blossoms”Cherry Blossoms  Full bloom to hazakura

For travel agencies and organizations planning Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree bus tours.

 In order to arrange road security and on-site safety management, please submit your tour itinerary to the Tsukumi City Tourism Association in advance.

The "Tsukumi Sakura" logo has been completed!

We have created a common logo mark to position the flowering of Bungo Channel kawazu Cherry Tree, wild cherry tree, Yoshino cherry tree, big catch cherry tree, and peony cherry tree as a series of stories and to develop it as a brand of our city.

We have created usage rules so that you can use them with certain standards even at events held by each entity in the city, so please read them and submit an application form.

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