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3 TPU-related cities in the south of the prefecture (Usuki, Tsukumi, Saiki)

Proposal Call for new Nippo Coast TPU Association Logos and more!

What is the Nippo Coast Tourism Power Up Council?

The Nippo Kaigan Tourism Power Up Council (abbreviated as TPU) was established by the southern 3 cities of Oita Prefecture, Usuki, Tsukumi, and Saiki in Heisei 19 as a wide-area tourism promotion organization.With the opening of highways in the Usuki, Tsukumi, and Saiki areas of the Higashi-Kyushu Expressway, we have continued promotions using materials from the 3 southern prefecture cities, such as the Nippo Kaigan Bungodon Highway and the Nippo Kaigan Island Tour.In 2024/2, as the Nippo Coast celebrates its 50th anniversary as a quasi-national park, we will consider how it should be, further improve recognition in Oita Prefecture, Fukuoka Prefecture, and Miyazaki Prefecture, and promote it to the 3 cities in Minami Oita Prefecture. In order to attract customers, I would like to create a logo and catchphrase in line with the concept and reflect it in each business.

■ Recruitment contents

▶Logo design, slogan, production of slogan design combined with logo
(1) Express the activities of this council in cooperation with the three cities in Minami Oita Prefecture (Usuki City, Tsukumi City, Saiki City) based on the attached "Consideration of the way it should be"
(2) The logo and slogan must be designed to accommodate color variations.
(3) Something that conveys the purpose of the design even when used in black and white
(4) The logo and slogan can be used in combination, and the design must be such that each can be used independently.
(5) The logo should not be excessively long horizontally or vertically.
(6) The tagline should be designed to be compatible with horizontal and vertical writing. * Work for brushing up may occur.

■ Recruitment period

From Reiwa 4/10/11 (Tuesday) to 11/15 (Tuesday) 14:00

■ Proposal schedule

10/11 (Tue) 14:00 Start of public offering
11/15 (Tue) 14:00 Deadline for submitting application documents *We will review the documents and contact you at a later date.
Late 11 month       Final screening interview (date and time consultation)

■ Application method

(1) Proposal for logo design, slogan, and slogan design combined with the logo
(2) Quotation
(3) Applicant basic information
Company name (in the case of an individual, name), name of person in charge, past production record, e-mail address, telephone number

・Please attach the above (1) to (3) application documents (PDF) to an email and apply.
・The subject of the email should be "TPU logo/slogan application".
・Applications by mail are not accepted.

■ Application / Inquiries

Nippo Kaigan Tourism Power Up Council Secretariat
(no company) Saiki City Tourism Association addressed to Fujiwara

For other details, please check the attached PDF.
We will wait for the application of everybody.

★ Proposal application guidelines for production of TPU logo etc.

★ Proposal application guidelines for production of TPU logo etc.(516KB)

Examination of how the attachment should be

Examination of how the attachment should be(328KB)

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