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3 TPU-related cities in the south of the prefecture (Usuki, Tsukumi, Saiki)

Nippo Coast Donburi Road 2024

January 2024th (Monday) -March 4st (Sunday), 1
This is a campaign where you can taste the rich seafood of the Bungo Channel with various "donburi".
A total of 25 stores from Usuki, Tsukumi, and Saiki are participating.

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Oita Prefecture South Ojo Stamp/Samurai Stamp Rally

About the campaign

[Event period] April 6th (Saturday) to June 4th (Sunday), 6
●When purchasing Ojo Seal/Samurai Stamp, the stamp will be stamped on the application card.
●If you collect the stamps from the three cities, fill out the necessary information, and drop it into the application box, you will be entered into a lottery to win original goods related to castles and warlords!

・One stamp per transaction
・It cannot be reissued or resealed due to loss or theft.
・Multiple stamp cards cannot be combined.
Collect 1 stamps on one stamp card.
・Event contents are subject to change without notice.

Nippo Coast Tourism Power Up Council
TEL 0972-64-7130 (Secretariat)

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Sales location
Products eligible for stamps
Amount of money
contact information
Opening hours
Usuki City Tourism Exchange Plaza
(100-2 Usuki, Usuki City)
①Otomo family crest
②Inaba family crest
③Otomo and Inaba family crests
④Seasonally limited
300 Yen
300 Yen
500 Yen
500 Yen
9 am to 18 pm
Tsukumi City Tourism Association
(1-30 Chuocho, Tsukumi City)
①Otomo family crest
②FRCO seal
300 Yen
300 Yen
8: 30-17: XNUMX
【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays】
10 am to 14 pm
Saiki City Castle Town Tourism Exchange Center
(8-19 Joka Higashi-cho, Saiki City)
①Mouri family crest
300 Yen
9 am to 18 pm
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