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Ajirojima is an island where a fragment of a shooting star from 240,000,000 years ago - cosmic dust - was found.
Why don't you think about the ancient times and the endless universe?

Geology and strata of Ajirojima

The chert seen at Ajirojima was formed during the Triassic period, about 250,000,000 to 200,000,000 years ago, right after the largest mass extinction in Earth's history.
As you cross the sandy road, the surrounding rocks change from black, green, purple to red. It is said to be a record of the history of the earth from the time when many creatures were extinct due to the environment with low oxygen to the time when the environment was restored.

*In order to protect precious resources, please refrain from mining rocks in the stratum or taking home fallen rocks.
As we move from the black rocks (black shale) to the island, the time when the strata were formed is new, that is, we are getting closer and closer to the present.
Black rock (black shale)
It was created shortly after the largest mass extinction of living things in the history of the earth.At that time, the environment where oxygen was very low in the sea was widespread on a global scale.
Green chart
The difference in color between the purple and red charts reflects the difference in oxygen content in the ocean at that time.
Red chart

A sandy road that appears only for a limited time

At high tide (spring tide)
At low tide (spring tide)

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