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Tsukumi fun dance

Reiwa 5 fan dance girl certification ceremony

On July 7th (Thursday), the Reiwa 13 Tsukumi fund dance daughter certification ceremony was held.
7 fan dance girls have newly joined, and we are planning to work on PR for Tsukumi City from now on.

You can watch the Tsukumi fun dance competition

Tsukumi fun dance official website

~ Gracefully dancing dance ~

It is said that about 450 years ago, the fan dance was founded with the wishes of the warriors and peasants who died during the Warring States period.

This dance depicts a brave man drawing a powerful bow, a mirror in the midst of a battle, dressed in an old-fashioned and respectful way, and finally, the voice of victory with "ei-ei-oh", just like the heart of a samurai who remembers those days. The elegant, rich, joyful and graceful flow of the folding fan has been handed down to this day as a representative local performing art of Tsukumi City.

Every year in the end of the 8th month August, "Tsukumi fun dance competition" is held, and about 800 people from adults to children's groups in Tsukumi city, including "Fan dance girls" certified by the city, perform fan dance.

~ A splendid traditional dance ~

fan dance

Tsukumi fun dance-Oita Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property-

About Tsukumi fun dance daughter dispatch

Tsukumi fun dance Musume is held every year in the city at the end of August, including the Tsukumi fun dance competition, in order to preserve, nurture, disseminate, and pass on the traditional performing art of Tsukumi city, the fan dance. Appearing at each event in the city, events outside the city and outside the prefecture.

Tsukumi fun dance instruction video

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