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Tsukumi Moika Festa (for a limited time)

About holding of Reiwa 4 "Tsukumi Moika Festa"

Date: Reiwa 4/11/1 (Tuesday) to Reiwa 5/1/15 (Sunday)
Location: Participating stores in the city

To all of you who come to "Tsukumi Moika Festa"
The "Tsukumi Moika Festa", which started on 11/1 and is gaining popularity, is particularly crowded on weekends and may keep everyone waiting.
Also, recently, due to bad weather, we are unable to go out for Moika fishing, and we may not be able to secure the catch.
We recommend contacting the store or making a reservation in advance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.December 4, 12

List of regular holidays

[Monday] Hamachaya, Sky Cafe
[Tuesday] Shikisai Genbei, Sanko Sushi, Restaurant Yoka, China Restaurant Hanacha
[Wednesday] Niimiga Kuzushi
[Thursday] Kamekichi, Hamachaya (closed from the afternoon)
[Sunday] Cafe Nabemokuren
[Irregular Holidays] Shiono, Cooking Studio Takeda

*Business hours and regular holidays are subject to change, so please check in advance before going out.

【temporary closed】

[Fisherman x fishermen's cooperative x cook] The real taste is here

Seasonal food!Tsukumi Moika Festa

 Tsukumi City is a place with a lot of Moika, where the mineral-rich mountain water flowing from the limestone mine nurtures a seaweed bed, and the old-fashioned Moika fishing called Battari fishing still remains.
 Nowadays, Moika is called "King of Squid" because it has a unique sweetness and texture among many squids, and it is treated as a high-class food.

 Tsukumi Moika Festa will be held by fishermen, fishermen's cooperatives, and cooks.

Fishermen carefully catch Tsukumi's Moika, the fishermen's cooperative manages it with Moika's exclusive cage, and the cook cooks Moika with outstanding freshness and delivers it to everyone.
 Please enjoy the seasonal Moika cuisine and the real taste!


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Answer the questionnaire and win a wonderful gift!

You can apply if you eat Moika cuisine and buy sweets or souvenirs for 500 yen or more!
●Hyokusho Co., Ltd. Bungo Tuna Yokozuna 10000 yen for 3 people
●Nii-Miga Kuzushi Award 3000 yen dining ticket for 5 people
Hamachaya Award 2000 yen dining ticket for 5 people
●Genbe Prize 2000 yen meal ticket for 3 people
●Restaurant Yokasho 2000 yen dining ticket for 3 people
Shiono Award 2000 yen dining ticket for 2 people
●Kamekichi Prize 1000 yen meal ticket for 10 people
Tsukumi Marche Award Assorted Tsukumi specialties set for 3000 yen 5 people
●Special prize “Tsukumi Moika overnight dried” provided by Battari Association (equivalent to 3,500 yen) 3 people
Moika poster
Tsukumi City Tourism Association
Oita Prefecture, Tsukumi City, Chuo-machi 1-30
FAX: 0972-82-7106
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