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Tsukumi Cement WEB social tour

Regarding the "industrial tourism content creation project centered on the limestone / cement industry" that the Tsukumi City Tourism Association has been working on in collaboration with Tsukumi City, "WEB social tour limestone / cement town Tsukumi" has been released.
The contents are easy-to-understand videos such as "What is limestone?", "The largest production volume in Japan", "The process until cement is made", and "Many companies in the city use limestone as a product".
Some videos are shot with a 360 ° camera so that you can have a virtual experience as if you were in that place.
Please take a look and feel the greatness of Tsukumi.

* For this creation, we have received participation in workshops and cooperation in photography from companies and organizations related to limestone and cement.

↓ Click the image below to see it on the dedicated website.
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