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Tsukumi Dolphin Island

Tsukumi Dolphin Island About attraction programs after September

The contents of attractions on weekdays after 2020/9/1 have changed.
For more information,Tsukumi Dolphin Island HP.
* Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays will be scheduled as usual.

Umitama Experience Park "Tsukumi Dolphin Island"

Umitama Experience Park "Tsukumi Dolphin Island" is an experience-based facility with the theme of "contact and healing" between dolphins and humans.

Born in collaboration with Umitama and Tsukumi City, many dolphins live in the natural sea.
"Tsukumi Dolphin Island" is an ocean resort where you can enjoy performances, challenge contact experience programs, and feed.
In addition, you can enjoy a lot of fun with sea creatures such as popular seals and penguins, and many fish.
Your "new experience" is surely waiting here.
TEL 0972-85-3020 2218-10 Youra, Tsukumi City, Oita Prefecture
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