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Otomo Sourin

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Sorin park

Prince Otomo Sourin grave (city historic spot January 11, 1996 designation)

 Also, the Otomo Sourin (1530-1587) is famous as a Christian daimyo as the military commander who ruled over Middle Kyushu six countries for the age of civil strife.
 Here Tsukumi-shi, Oita is the ground of the Otomo Sourin end. It is called "forest of Tentokuji" (the church which shu* built) once, and the cedar grove more than 100 years years old has dignified atmosphere in the forest.
 The name called "shu*" is converted to (1562) Zen Buddhism in 1562 and I take the tonsure and gave my name, and am the name used as a family name most.
 shu* and the relation with Tsukumi are in the latter half of 40 generations and sail up nika before a sun attack of (1578) in 1578. I aim at the making of ideal country by Christianity that was a long-time dream afterwards on this ground when I go into retirement in Tentokuji in 1583. However, I make the will half and die. It was age at death 58 years old.
 I was buried in the Christianity-type grave at first, but when an early Christianity in Japan exile law is emitted by Hideyoshi, eldest son, gito (kichito) do reinterment in Buddhist ceremony, but it is said that the grave has gone to ruin.
 Progeny Usuki Castle of the old vassal is rich and, in the current grave, was done reinterment more in the generous politics year (1789-1801), and, at this time, has a castle rich ha, gravestone made newly and is you when I asked for a memorial service in Nagaizumi temple (city Miyamotocho).

 In the gravestone front, it is chopped "tenseijugonenchoigotsukihatachisannichiharuakigojuyuhachisai" on the side each with "kyushunishimai*kan*jushiishitakenhidarikineishoshodaitomohidarieimon*gengichin" "zuihoindenzenhanerinjishokenhidarikingokyuanshu*daikyoshi". When I read the epitaph, I have a feeling that the feeling of awe for the lord of the vassal comes.

 The hall was rebuilt while the times changed, but, in 1977, "Prince Otomo Sourin honoring society" was formed as a promoter in Tamotsu Ueda, and lined up in the cause of the design of Mr. Arata Isozaki, a Christianity-type gravestone and was reborn in the graveyard which I saw today.

Sorin park map

・15 normal cars  ※The sightseeing bus cannot park. 
It is ten minutes by car from JR Nippo Main Line Tsukumi Station  

〒 879-2421 Tsukumi-shi, Oita larger section of a village Tsukumi character miuchi 4198-1

Otomo Park - city area, a cement factory, Gulf of Tsukumi sweep of the eye ~

Otomo Park map

・Normal car parking lot existence  ※The sightseeing bus cannot park. 
It is five minutes by car from JR Nippo Main Line Tsukumi Station  

〒 879-2431 6, Otomomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
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