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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Cherry blossoms of Aoe dam, Otomo Park

Flowering information

Aoe dam park (bottom)
Aoe dam park (the top)

Otomo Park
Otomo Park
[Aoe dam] Monday, March 29
・The wild cherry tree end
・Yoshino cherry tree cherry tree with early leaves of the park

[Otomo Park] Monday, March 29
・I reach full bloom.

Cherry tree of the Aoe dam

The Aoe dam is one of the famous spots of cherry tree of Tsukumi, and a Yoshino cherry tree colors the park,
Many wild cherry trees bloom in profusion all over the area in the mountains nearby.
The gradation of light pink and the light pink is wonderful.
In the end of March, the Tsukumi wild cherry tree Festival is held, too.
The photograph is a state of March 30, 2015.

Aoe dam map

It is ten minutes by car from Tsukumi IC
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