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Hotojima summer festival 

Hotojima summer festival Friday, July 5, 2019, 6th Saturday

As shumamori* of Hotojima, the other god of thunder is performed kansei of by Kamigamo, Kyoto Shrine, the creation of 1535 (1535) and the Kamo Shinto shrine which is informed.
"The Hotojima summer festival" that is a big festival is held for two days in the summer of Kamo Shrine, of noh dance dedication and the fresh fish seize it, and is full of the tourists who visited it including many islanders by the water mat run, fireworks display.

2019 Hotojima summer festival program

Friday, July 5 [eve]
 11:00 primary schoolchild parade, ensemble (Nishishoji Beach)
 15:00 Kamo Shrine, upward extension
 16:00 beach appearance
 Security, big catch prayer marine at 17:00
 19:30 kagura performed at night
Saturday, July 6 [festival]
 The shallows stand at 10:00 
 Of the 10:30 fish seize; meeting (fishing village center bottom) participation fee 300 yen
 13:30 blastings of ashes, magical rite with boiling water, rice cake firewood
      Omikoshi return
 19:15 primary schoolchild performance, fireworks
     ※I play it in case of rain → Cancellation, fireworks → Postponement
●From news Saturday, July 6 21:00 Hotojima of the Yamamaru temporariness service navigation
  I sell the embarkation ticket in a branch office lobby on 6th on July 5.
   800 yen for adults 400 yen for children
 (when I reach 150 capacity, I finish sale of a period)
 ◎I may change programs in rainy weather, a typhoon.

Hotojima photograph

Shimauchi-limited number firewood
Shimauchi-limited number firewood
Hotojima whole view
Hotojima whole view
Prefectural Road 612
Prefectural Road 612
Roasted sea bream's head
Roasted sea bream's head of the tuna
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