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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Promotion of the Tsukumi

Tsukumi PR video site

"Kawazu cherry blossom, the wild cherry tree" which is representative sightseeing of Tsukumi is the drone including "a fireworks display" and makes a thing and the PR video of each event of Tsukumi which I photographed.
Sightseeing in Tsukumi PR video↓
I made the image library which attracted photographs of Tsukumi.
Nonprofit, only for personal use, is available freely if I list copyright. (please consult about the commercial use.)

A soy shop! Arrive; see

Tsukumi folding fan dance


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