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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

GoToEat (it consumes Oita taste power pop a ticket)

Consume Oita taste power (miryoku); is a ticket pop

Consume Oita taste power; pop a ticket?

It is the part of the GoToEat campaign.
I sell the at a premium meal ticket which is usable in a local registration restaurant in the credit in each metropolis and districts.
・Meal ticket with the premium
・2,500 yen per one set of 10,000 yen is advantageous
・20,000 yen (to two sets) per once per one
It is usable only in a registration shop.
・Change is not paid.
・I am not exchanged with a gold note.
・Sale end day Sunday, February 28, 2021
・Use end day Wednesday, June 30, 2021
More specifically, please see an official page.

Consume Oita taste power; how is the ticket available pop?

You can purchase it in the commercial and industrial meeting, chamber of commerce in the Oita prefecture and some tourist associations, a souvenir shop.
All stores in the Tsukumi city
Tsukumi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Address 1-21, Minatomachi, Tsukumi-shi
The first floor of the place
Time 9:00-17:00 (weekdays)
Tsukumi city sightseeing interchange hall
Village station Tsukumi MARCHE
Address 2218-10, Yora, Tsukumi-shi
I sell it at a place cash register
Time 10:00-16:00 (Tuesday fixed closing day)
Address 3824-69, Takasumachi, Tsukumi-shi
The first floor of the place
Time 9:00-17:00 (weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

Is Oita taste power that the ticket is where and stumbles at pop where I eat it?

I can use it in a registration shop.
As of 2020/11 list of registration stores/19 in the Go To Eat Tsukumi city
Store name Address TEL Genre Squid Festa participation store
Restaurant Inaho 1-41, Chuocho R-1 building 102 0972-82-3018 Restaurant, bar  
Miyoshien 2-23, Chuocho 0972-82-1324 Roasted meat  
Shop Marui restaurant of the taste 7-15, Chuocho 0972-82-3355 Restaurant, restaurant  
It is roasted meat 7-17, Chuocho 050-1455-5274 Roasted meat  
shoraika 8-8, Chuocho 0972-82-1590 Restaurant, bar  
Child 1957 of the drinking at a bar and others tiger 8-8, Chuocho 0972-82-4434 Restaurant, bar  
Miyuki zushi 8-14, Chuocho 0972-82-5420 Restaurant, sushi *
A cafe is rocky 8-20, Chuocho 0972-82-3465 Light meal, cafe  
Second generation, Yosaku All 8-22, Chuocho and the dream center 0972-83-8024 Restaurant, bar  
Fishing fire All 8-22, Chuocho and the dream center 0972-82-5767 Restaurant, bar  
Shikisai Genbei 8-30, Chuocho 0972-83-5778 Restaurant, Japanese food *
Music cafe REVIVE! 9-6, Chuocho 0972-82-1267 Light meal, cafe  
Haruna 10-8, Chuocho 0972-82-6669 Roasted meat  
Bistro cafe bloom rabbit 10-8, Chuocho 0972-82-2427 Bistro bar  
Fish dishes Ogawa 12-5, Chuocho 0972-82-7484 Restaurant, bar  
Seasonal Aya firewood to boil water 13-12, Chuocho 0972-82-7055 Restaurant, bar  
Dining Bar 1973 13-13, Chuocho 0972-83-5599 Dining bar  
Restaurant youka 13-16, Chuocho 0972-82-1088 Chinese food, Western food *
Dishes studio Takeda 15-15, Chuocho 0972-82-2924 Restaurant, Japanese food  
Tsukumi ajimaru 16-11, Chuocho Takaki Building 1F 0972-83-8234 Restaurant, bar  
Bar takatsuki 16-12, Chuocho 080-8583-2988 Restaurant, bar  
rai々 16-13, Chuocho 0972-82-3493 Ramen  
Gaku Niimi sushi 23-5, Chuocho 0972-82-2411 Restaurant, sushi *
Town little house 23-6, Chuocho 0972-82-8929 Roasted meat  
Sora cafe 25-15, Chuocho seaside apartment 103 080-3952-6677 Light meal, lunch *
Kaifu dishes Tachibana 26-10, Chuocho 0972-82-1107 Restaurant, bar  
Shabu-shabu steamed vegetables Oita Tsukumi store 760-120, Chuocho HOTEL AZ 0972-85-0788 Family restaurant  
Restaurant Newport 2-11, Takasucho 0972-82-7448 Restaurant, Western food  
Milky Way 3-13, Takasucho 0972-82-3371 Light meal, cafe  
tako plum 12-11, Takasucho 0972-82-1389 Restaurant, Japanese food  
Keijo 13-6, Takasucho 0972-82-2771 Roasted meat  
Cafe, pan, Mokuren 21-6, Takasucho 0972-82-1105 Restaurant, Japanese food *
Tortoise good luck 3824, Takasucho 0972-82-5519 Restaurant, bar *
Shio no Oto 3824-69, Takasucho 0972-85-0008 Restaurant, Japanese food *
Sea terrace meruhen 95-3, Chinu 0972-82-8802 Light meal, cafe  
Hamachaya 6029, Chinatown Area, Chinu 0972-82-8302 Restaurant, Japanese food *
Roasted meat Heiwadai 6203-3, Chinu 0972-82-9871 Roasted meat  
Restaurant new Ebisu 6207, Chinatown Area, Chinu 0972-82-9968 Family restaurant  
Restaurant civic center 3825-100, Tsukumiura 0972-82-3847 Japanese food  
Sementomachi-cho or sha to burn 1-10, Sementomachi 0972-83-5470 Light meal, cafe  
Tea shop pieru 2-21, Sementomachi 090-9586-7866 Light meal, cafe  
China restaurant Hanacha Nakamachi 2-22 0972-82-6577 Chinese food *
open caffe cherry blossoms Youra 1539 0972-84-9720 Light meal, cafe  
Hotojima Okawa Hotojima 0972-87-2024 Restaurant, Japanese food  
※In the registration shop of other cities, please see a list of member shops.
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