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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Meal event of the Tsukumi

Tsukumi Hyuga Donburi campaign

Fisherman dishes who was devised when nourishment was produced between the fishing that a fisherman of Hotojima that prospered as a deep sea fishing base was severe of the tuna as for "the Hyuga Donburi" quickly. I toss the red meat of the tuna in sesame anyone specially made who put soy sauce, sugar and am the bowl which I picked up on the burning hot rice. We eat the Stamina Foods "Hyuga Donburi" that a fragrance of the sesame is appetizing, and let's survive summer!

Tsukumi squid Festa

The King "squid" (oval squid) of a special product, the cuttlefish of Tsukumi. A traditional fishery is "fishing suddenly" in the sea of Tsukumi and is an event of a fisherman, a fishermen's cooperative association, one cook who a fisherman catches it carefully, and a fishermen's cooperative association manages it with an exclusive fish preserve, and a cook cooks squid of the freshness preeminence, and sends it to.
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