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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

All of member, companies

Tool 2019.10.29 to support foreign acceptance

Foreign tourists came to be seen a lot recently.
At first an obstacle of the acceptance is "speech", but introduces as a lot of support tools are released.
◆Pointing at conversation sheet for the restaurant (Chiba-shi)
◆Bus, pointing at conversation book for the taxi (Kyushu Department of Transportation)
◆"A visit to Japan foreigner tourist reception desk, medical treatment manual" "a multilingual tool" (Kyushu Department of Transportation)
◆Foreign patient acceptance explanation document (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) in the medical institution
◆Multilingual medical interview vote (NPO corporation international exchange Harty Konandai, Kanagawa international exchange foundation)
◆Correspondence manual (Japan Tourism Agency) to a foreign visitor
◆Disaster prevention information (the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics preparations station) for foreigners
◆A multilingual disaster prevention video "an earthquake! I would do what then" (12 languages) (association of Sendai International Tourist)

It is large offer 2019.10.20 with Tsukumi MARCHE sale product

Tsukumi MARCHE recruits sale products at any time.
With Bungosuido Kawazu cherry blossom Festival near at hand, I will wait for your product from now on.
[image of the thing recruiting you]
・A person of Tsukumi is concerned with raw materials and production
・Product (marine products, mandarin orange, shiitake, lime, cement like Tsukumi…)
・Souvenirs of the Oita south, the Miyazaki north area
・Food, artefact, woodwork, seal, picture postcard
[conditions of sale]
・I make arrangements directly (the stocking sale or consignment sales, amount of money, the arrival method). Please feel free to contact me.
Charge: Tsukumi MARCHE's manager Toshizo Ichihashi
℡: 0972-85-3111
FAX: 0972-85-3112

News 2019.10.16 of the accommodations acceptance environment maintenance support operating cost subsidy (the third)

As the third open call for participants is started on the prefectural office homepage during until from October 16, 2019 to Wednesday, November 20, I will tell you.
※In application, please perform prior consultation by all means in the Oita business and industry sightseeing Labor Relations Division sightseeing station by November 13, 2019. As you cannot accept the application when there is not prior consultation, please be careful.
◆Subsidy summary
[target company] In the inn, the hotel, it is a staying company
[target business] Approach in response to specific customer needs
[supporting amount of money] Less than 1 million yen (as for the lower limit on the basis of operating costs 200,000 yen)
[supporting rate] 1/2
[supporting target expense] Expendable supplies, the repair costs, labor costs, trust charges, the fee for use, construction contract costs, the equipment purchase costs
[application period] From Wednesday, October 16 to Wednesday, November 20

It is public 2019.9.11 with a collection of Tsukumi photographs which are usable with free

I released the image library which attracted photographs of Tsukumi provisionally.
Nonprofit, only for personal use, is available freely if I list copyright.
In addition, please consult beforehand as I hope to confirm contents in the case of commercial use (I do not have the plan collecting a fee at ※ present).
・It is available without application only for the personal use (personal blog) and a nonprofit activity, but "copy right has you list notation of Tsukumi Tourisum Assosiation" clearly, or please show that it is the photograph which a Tsukumi city tourist association owns clearly. When you use several, you may list it in one place in a mass.
・When you want to assume a case and copyright of the commercial use non-indication, please connect with Tsukumi city Tourism Association (, 0972-82-9521).
・Please contact the person who can offer the photograph of the attractive mark of Tsukumi to our association.
※The file format is jpeg form, heic form (Mac, iPhone) mainly. The conversion of the file format, please use free software.
[Tsukumi Image Library]
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