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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Village station Tsukumi MARCHE

News of the Tsukumi MARCHE business resumption

I was closed for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread temporarily,
I restart business from Monday, June 1, 2020.
List of preventive measures against Tsukumi MARCHE corona infection
I take the following measures against prevention of infection spread and, according to the instruction of a country, the prefecture, the city, will carry out preventive measures against appropriate infection.
1.Thorough satellite management of the employee
(1) Healthy enforcement of the employee of a check
・I measure temperature every morning and record it before attendance. When there is poor physical condition, I stop attendance.
(2) Mask wearing of the employee, thorough hand-washing
・The employee wears a regular mask and carries out hand-washing, sterilization strictly.
2.Reinforcement of the infectious disease measures in the shop
(3) Filtering of the person with fever
・In the doorway of Tsukumi MARCHE, I install infrared thermography and filter the person with fever.
・In the one where it is doubted that I have a fever, I measure temperature with an emission thermometer again. When you have fevers more than 37.5 degrees Celsius, please refrain from entering a shop.
(4) Thorough prevention such as the droplet infection
・To a visited customer, please sterilize both hands with the antiseptic solution.
・To a visited customer, please wear the mask by all means.
(please refrain from the entrance of the customer who cannot cooperate with mask wearing)
・I establish the shield stands in front of a cash register to prevent droplet infection.
・I hope that I keep constant distance between customers.
・As for the use in the group, I would like advance reservations.
(5) Enforcement of entrance restrictions
・When the situation that the shop is crowded occurs, it may limit the visitors.
・About the parking lot congestion situation, I plan the information dispatch with the webcam from the beginning of June.
※Our store copes with the cashless settlement.
I sell a lot of Tsukumi Dolphin Island goods and Tsukumi city special product, special product in Oita, light meal.
Business hours: 10:00-16:00
Regular holiday :Every Tuesday from November through January 
      ※From January 14 to February 7 a dolphin island
      Tsukumi MARCHE is closed for maintenance closure, too
TEL :0972-85-3111

Souvenir mail order site ... of Tsukumi Steller's sea lion KEL - Tsukumi

I send a delicious souvenir of Tsukumi, a pleasant experience from a mandarin orange and the town of the tuna, small town "Tsukumi" of the Oita south to all of you!
Please make a reservation from the following sites.
[Tsukumi MARCHE]
℡: 0972-85-3111

Tsukumi MARCHE brochure


I display the Tsukumi cherry tree photo contest prize-winning work

New product - gravel software ...

In one of quite popular cement software gravel
"The gravel software" which performed topping.
The real identity of the gravel...? Fun after I eat♪ 
400 yen (tax-included)

A new product! ... cherry tree software ...

From Tsukumi MARCHE, I sell "cherry tree software" only in a Sakura Festival period.

The color smells slightly have good cherry tree with the pinkness of the cherry tree

I sell a novel of Tsukumi city native place "harushin light"!

I sell it in love romance novel otsukumi MARCHE "beginning knight and love without the face gentlemen." of the "harushin light" of the local Tsukumi city native place product. It is the first beads log novel award prizewinner! On a visit, please buy it; ^^


One book: 726 yen (tax-included)



A new product! ... aluminum squid strap ...

The squid strap which students of Tsukumi High School made.

There are only five production good horses, but a student produces it with aluminum carefully one by one.

It is good at time of the squid Festa!


One: 350 yen (tax-included)



A new product! ... dry kabosu

I started dry kabosuno sale.

It is made with use from Tsukumi of nokabosuo, dishes and a cake and is most suitable for cocktail.

Large 540 yen (tax-included) small 324 yen (tax-included)

A new product! Folding fan replica sale ... of ... Tsukumi

In commemoration of a folding fan dance, I sell the folding fan in Tsukumi MARCHE. It is different from the thing used in a folding fan dance, do you not enjoy it with this folding fan together in a folding fan dance venue? I am selling it for one 1,200 yen. In addition, on the day of the folding fan dance, I sell it in the headquarters in the venue.


A new product! ... raw wood cultivation shiitake ... from Tsukumi

"The raw wood cultivation shiitake which I am selling from Saturday, June 15 from Tsukumi"

To sell the product package as souvenirs in MARCHE
The shiitake main office made it newly.
"Treasure shiitake samurai" and "I come jellyfish princess" are the prettiness that nobody knows!
・Inui shiitake (small donko) 70 g 680 yen (tax-included)
・Inui shiitake (donko) 80 g 1,100 yen (tax-included)
・Inui shiitake slice 40 g 680 yen (tax-included)
・Bacteria floor cultivation dehydration jellyfish 50 g 880 yen (tax-included)

A new product! ... Tsukumin mandarin orange sable ...

12 pieces of "Tsukumin mandarin orange sables" 440 yen containing (individually wrap)
"A Tsukumin mandarin orange sable" of the use of mandarin orange fruit juice from Tsukumi
It is a cookie of the faint mandarin orange taste that printed Tsukumin.

Recommended information! Untie a dish simmered in gloss for the first time in ..., and ease simmering in miso; ...

"Shine, and untie the stewed gogushi, yellowtail simmered in miso of the yellowtail"; for each 600 yen
The new product which "all and oku" in the city made!
It is good to an attendant of the rice! Using a yellowtail from Tsukumi,
I untie it carefully by hand one by one.
As there is two kinds of taste, I eat, and comparing it is good♪

Recommended information! Sunday ... available of ... MARCHE

"Sundae available of MARCHE" for each 500 yen
Of Maple chocolate, a strawberry, the blueberry
I am available from four kinds.
It is good at coming time!
It is good to share it together, and to eat

Recommended information! ... and straw or dried fruit ...

"Soft dried fruit" for each 200 yen
"The soft dried fruit" using the sun queen from Tsukumi is available. The manufacturer is a cake maker of Nagano, but the distributor is Oita agricultural cooperative.
Besides, a product and the products using the quite regional kiwi which used quite regional kabosuo are received. Please appreciate it; ^^

Recommended information! ... tsukyukenkan fizz ...

"tsukyukenkan fizz" 400 yen
As for the name that mixed mandarin orange syrup and the carbonated water using the mandarin orange from Tsukumi "a mandarin orange fizz to thrust".
With the fragrance of the mandarin orange, please enjoy refreshing taste♪
It will be one cup to want to drink at time becoming hot from now on!
The dolphin-shaped ice enters, too; and as for the dolphin?
There are "blue Hawaii" and the "strawberry" taste that are quite popular with children.

Recommended information! ... Tsukumi MARCHE new product ...

Ice-cream cone menu for each 350 yen
Quite popular "Tsukumi mandarin orange software" and "cement software" and this "tsukumizu software" which two performed collaboration of!
There are a lot of things to be able to taste only in here, Tsukumi MARCHE!

Recommended information! ... during ... pass accomplishment lucky charm sale

Tsukumi MARCHE, Marukyo lime joint development
The accomplishment lucky charm that I pass using the plaster (the plaster) from Tsukumi
Tradition material that the plaster protects a human being from ancient times and is valid together. And the dolphin is called "a messenger of the good luck" and leads the way where you retire from the situation that is hard to call in good luck and should advance to. And I am dolphin = and push "the power to enter" of the examinee from behind by power = power to enter. Furthermore, I receive prayer of the consecration of the passing prayer in Fukura Tenman-gu Shrine of Usuki-shi.
The price is "1,500 yen" in the game of rhyming of "the blow pass".

Recommended information! ... Tsukumi MARCHE new product ...

"Tsukumi mandarin orange tart" 650 yen
The new product "Tsukumi mandarin orange tart cake" using the mandarin orange from Tsukumi
I sell it in Tsukumi MARCHE from August 4.
With "incense of kan," I hope that it becomes the souvenirs representing Tsukumi.
Please buy "the Tsukumi mandarin orange tart cake" which is full of the fragrances of the Tsukumi mandarin orange.

Recommended information! ... cement steamed bun ...

"Cement steamed bun" 800 yen (entering five)
Speaking of Tsukumi "a town of the cement"
The cement steamed bun which a cake and "the Hiroto Kashiho" in the city developed,
I express cement in sesame seeds jam, and the package images a cement bag, too.
※Sale information (in Tsukumi MARCHE only as for box selling)
Hiroto Kashiho one 130 yen /1 box (entering five) 800 yen

Recommended information! ... Tsukumi MARCHE new product ...

"Cement software" 350 yen
I blend it with the seeds of country sunflower from east as powder to thick vanilla.
The color expresses the cement of the key industry of Tsukumi definitely.
Please give me slightly strange taste fun.

I accept national shipment!

I send many special products of Tsukumi to the hometown of the customer by a favorite combination.

Special product corner

Let alone a special product of the Tsukumi city, I have the lot including the special product in Oita.

Dolphin island goods

A dolphin island and the kind including goods of the Umitamago are abundant!
At the entrance, the stuffed toy of the cute dolphin meets everybody.

The shop


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