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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Mandarin orange of Tsukumi

Mandarin orange of Tsukumi

Mandarin orange of Tsukumi
  [mandarin orange of Tsukumi]
It is sweet and is easy to eat very much.
... vitamin C-rich delicious mandarin orange ...
I put it, and, as for the fresh Tsukumi mandarin orange brought up, a guarantee is with the taste, sweetness great deal of effort by nature of Tsukumi together while taking solar light full.
A mandarin orange full of variety is shipped to the kind including sun Tsukumi or a ponkan orange as well as Wenzhou mandarin orange.
In Kamiaoe in the city, prefecture south citrus fruit wide area place sorting fruits is established and, in 1998, sorts a mandarin orange by the latest optical sensor method and ships a mandarin orange of good quality to the whole country with the contents, the appearance.

The shop which sells a mandarin orange

A wish market gradually

[address] 29-16, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
[TEL] 0972-83-8122
[business hours] 9:00-16:30
[regular holiday] New Year holidays
[parking lot] Five


[address] 3824-69, Takasumachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
[TEL] 0972-85-0001
[business hours] 9:00-17:00
[regular holiday] Unavailable
[parking lot] 30

Mandarin orange farm

Please refer to each farm for the purchase of the mandarin orange, the mandarin orange picking experience directly.

Moriwaki mandarin orange garden

Address 2817, Chinu, Tsukumi-shi
℡ 0972-82-4688

Ota mandarin orange garden

Address 272, Chinu, Tsukumi-shi
℡ 0972-82-4332
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