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Nakata Ward Hydrangea Field

Hydrangea field in Tao, Nakata district

A field of about 2,000 hydrangeas in Tao, Nakata district, is in full bloom.

This hydrangea field has been created by members of the Nakata area of ​​the Tsukumi District Mountain Development Council, which was established in 28, with the aim of contributing to regional development through forest development. We are working on planting trees. Currently, we are actively engaged in activities and are progressing with the cultivation of additional planting areas.

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Flowering information 2024

June 2024, 6 (Tuesday) The number of places where the best viewing times are increasing has increased. There are still some places that are just starting to bloom.

*There are many small seedlings that have just been planted, so please be careful not to step on them when visiting. We also recommend comfortable walking shoes.



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・We are not responsible for any troubles such as accidents or theft.
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