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Coronavirus Measures

We held a seminar for restaurants! (2020.6.5)

The first "Corona Countermeasure Seminar for Restaurants" was held by the Tsukumi City Health Promotion Division, mainly for restaurants.Dr. Hayato Yamauchi, an infectious disease expert, asked about specific methods for future measures against the new corona and gave us advice.
① Seminar on 2020/6/5 (Fri), 14 pm to 15:50
② Seminar on 2020/6/15 (Mon) 14:30 to 15:50
③ On-site training on 2020/6/23 (Tuesday) 19 pm

The new corona countermeasure Tsukumin has been completed (2020.6.4)

A new "Tsukumin" has been created for the new corona measures!
・ Take-out / Shotengai
・ Punch on corona
・ Hand wash / mask / gargle
・ Close contact NG / close contact NG / sealed NG
If you would like to use it, please contact the Tsukumi City Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Settlement Promotion Division (0972-82-9542).

We also took measures in the tourist association office! (2020.6.3)

As a measure against corona, we have set up a partition in the tourism association office.We have also changed the layout of the pamphlet racks to make it easier for visitors to pick up the pamphlets.
We appreciate your cooperation in wearing a mask when you come.

Tsukumi Marche: We have taken measures to spread the infection and have resumed business! (2020.6.1)

At Sato no Eki Tsukumi Marche, we pay close attention to ensure health and safety, and take all possible measures to ensure that our customers can use our stores with peace of mind.
Thank you for your cooperation.
■ Confirmation of body temperature by thermography (individual temperature measurement depending on the situation)
■ Installation of disinfectant for fingers (in front of Marche entrance / toilet)
■ Installation of splash prevention sheet
■ Regularly awaken in the hall
■ Request to secure social distance (line mark)
■ Self-basket disinfection
■ Request to wear a mask
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