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Tsukumi squid Festa (for a limited time)

To all of you coming to "the Tsukumi squid Festa"
I begin on October 15 and it is "Tsukumi squid festival" gaining popularity, but it is crowded in particular on the weekend and may keep waiting so long.
I can eat without a reservation, but recommend inquiry and that I make a reservation to a store beforehand.
A nuisance has a seat, but please understand it.

[fisherman X fishermen's cooperative association X cook] Of the genuine article is delicious, but is right here

Seasonal food! Tsukumi squid Festa

From October 15, 2019 to January 15, 2020

 It is the place where there is much squid so that the Tsukumi city brings up the algae ground that the mineral-rich hills and rivers flowing from the mine of the limestone are rich, and traditional squid fishing called the fishing still remains suddenly.
 Because there are unique sweetness and texture in the cuttlefish which is a number as for the squid, it is called "the King of the cuttlefish" and is handled as high quality ingredients these days.

 A fisherman, a fishermen's cooperative association, a cook holds the Tsukumi squid Festa all in one body.

A fisherman catches squid of Tsukumi carefully, and a fishermen's cooperative association manages it with a fish preserve for exclusive use of the squid, and a cook cooks squid excellent at the freshness and sends it to all of you.
 Please thoroughly enjoy seasonal squid dishes, genuine thing iogo!

And the collaboration menu with very popular "+ yokozuna" is fulfilling sequentially this year! Furthermore, a flyer of the squid Festa introduces the ground fish dishes of Tsukumi this time. Please enjoy the delicious ground fish of Tsukumi with squid, yokozuna.


Let's put a wonderful present in answer to a questionnaire!
I eat squid dishes and can apply when I buy sweets or a souvenir 500 yen or more!
●Hyoshoku prize    It is three people for Bungo tuna yokozuna 10,000 yen
●It is five people for Shinmikaku zushi prize meal ticket 3,000 yen
●Tortoise good luck prize      It is five people for meal ticket 2,000 yen
●Hamachaya prize     It is five people for meal ticket 2,000 yen
●It is three people for restaurant youka prize meal ticket 2,000 yen
●Genbei prize     It is three people for meal ticket 2,000 yen
●Shio no Oto prize     It is two people for meal ticket 2,000 yen
●It is three people for assorted Tsukumi MARCHE prize Tsukumi special products set 3,000 yen
●kirinzeroichi prize kirinzeroichi six pack 12 people
●Special prize      Suddenly meeting offer "overnight airing of the Tsukumi squid" three people (3,500 yen equivalency)

Tsukumi squid Festa application method

I increase when I click it
Squid poster
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