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Tsukumi Dolphin Island

umitama experience park "Tsukumi Dolphin Island"

The experience-based facilities where the umitama experience park "Tsukumi Dolphin Island" featured the theme of dolphin and human "contact, healing."

I am born by collaboration of Umitamago and the Tsukumi city, and many dolphins live in the sea of nature.
"The Tsukumi Dolphin Island" which I enjoy a performance and challenge a contact experience-based program and feed it, and there is is a dolphin and an ocean resort to play, and to be able to make.
Furthermore, including a seal and the penguin of the popular person, the fun with creatures of the sea including many fish is heaping up.
Surely your "new experience" waits here.
TEL 0972-85-3020 Tsukumi-shi, Oita larger section of a village Youra 2218-10
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