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Kawazu cherry blossom of the Youra peninsula

Kawazu cherry blossom of the Youra peninsula

When February begins, the news of the cherry tree arrives from Youra peninsula early

There is Kawazu cherry blossom in the Youra district 5,000 or more now, and it is in a famous spot of maximum Kawazu cherry blossom in Oita.

In an average year, I hear news of the flowering for the beginning of February and reach in full bloom for the middle. I think it to be that I can enjoy a flower of the Kawazu cherry blossom during February.

Inhabitants of the Youra peninsula played a key role and planted it by the roadside in the area from January, 2005. A young plant of the tenacious activity and good will of district is given, and the number increases year by year


On a fine day, pink of the Kawazu cherry blossom which bloomed by the roadside shines in the blue color of the sea well and adds to beauty still more.

Do you not feel the coming of spring that one pair is quick in to be Youra?

With the Kawazu cherry blossom in full bloom of the Youra peninsula?

The Kawazu cherry blossom of the Yora, Tsukumi-shi Peninsula flowers from the beginning of February in an average year and I hang it for the end from the middle and invite in full bloom, but the situation of the flowering is different by temperature and the place in the year, too.
The flower has force very much and can see 0%-0% coming out before becoming in full blossom neatly, but it is by the coming out enough in in full bloom for 5-6 minutes.
In Tsukumi city Tourism Association half or more of the cherry blossom viewing spot (12 places)
When it was in following condition, I make declaration.
Cherry treeBlossom declarationCherry tree     ichifunsakiijo   
Cherry treeIn full bloom declarationCherry tree     go - rokufunsakiijo 
Cherry treeFull bloom declarationCherry tree     shichifunsakiijo 
Cherry tree"Trace cherry tree" declarationCherry tree full bloom - cherry tree with early leaves

"Cherry tree of the Tsukumi" LOGO was completed!

I produced common logo mark to promote Kawazu cherry blossom, a wild cherry tree, a Yoshino cherry tree of the Tsukumi, a big catch cherry tree, the flowering of the Prunus donarium as positioning, a brand of our city as a series of stories.

As I made a use rule to have you use even the events that each main constituent in the city carries out with a constant standard, I have you read it, and, as for the used, I would like the submission of the application.

To travel agency state that a Kawazu cherry blossom bus tour is planned and group

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