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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Coloring of the Tsukumi

You were able to paint with experience-based exhibition "Tsu ppaku" of the Tsukumi living.
Please enjoy kazokudeisshoni!


It is the coloring of the Tsu ppakuno cover.


It is the coloring of the Tsu ppakuno cover (Tsu ppaku-season2-following picture pattern).
・You put copyright, and, on the use, please print it.
・The reproductions such as downloading, the print are limited to the personal use.
・Please refrain from the reproduction, conversion without permission.
・I prohibit a registration of a design.
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