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Ajiro Island

The island where fragment - cosmic dust (uchujin) - of the shooting star 40 million years before 200 million was found in, Ajiro Island (ajirojima).
Do you not think about the ancient times and the endless space far?

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A display period: From Tuesday, March 12 to Sunday, April 7
A place: Tsukumi citizen library
A related lecture: Saturday, March 30 13:30 ...
 A place: Citizen library lobby
 A theme: "Let's talk about charm of the Ajiro Island!"
 A guide: Kumiko Nenoki (members of study specialty such as geology)

A geological feature and stratum of the Ajiro Island

There was the chart seen in Ajiro Island now in "a Triassic period" 200 million years before ... approximately 250 million years ago, and the most big creature mass extinction is the time just after it that there was in the history of the earth.
The rock of the circumference is black and varies from green, purple to red when I cross the way of the sand. This is told to record the history of the earth until the time when environment is restored since most of creatures have become extinct by environment with a little oxygen.
As for the times when stratum was made, it is new that is approaches it more and more in now as I go to the island from a black rock (black shale).
Black rock (black shale)
I was able to do it right after the in history earth's greatest creature mass extinction. The environment where the sea had very little oxygen spread through the global wide area in those days.
Green chart
The difference between purple and color of the red chart reflects the difference of quantities of oxygen in the ocean at the time.
Red chart

Way of the sand appearing only at limited time

At the time of a high tide (flood tide)
At the time of ebb tide (flood tide)
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