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Tsukumi city Tourism Association
1-30, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi, Oita
TEL. 0972-82-9521
FAX. 0972-82-7106

Introduction of the member of tourist association

Members of Tsukumi city Tourism Association

For member of Tsukumi city Tourism Association, I began the information dispatch at the line experimentally. 
LINE friend addition ※It is not general sightseeing information.
The information plans the news from the association other than a workshop, a lecture about the sightseeing business, supporting system information.
I click this URL, and a friend, please add "a member of Tsukumi city Tourism Association".
※I do not grasp the registrant account in specifications in us.
In addition, from the line as cannot reply, would like the ℡ if may be aware.

List of members of tourist association ※As of 2019.11.1


―Fish dishes
・Shio no Oto
・Hotojima Okawa
・Dishes studio Takeda
―Tuna dishes―
・cafe pan Mokuren
―Roasted meat―
―Cafe, light meal―
・Sea terrace meruhen
・Sora cafe
・Open cafe cherry tree
・Bloom rabbit
・Takoyaki & sweets chanki
・Marui restaurant
―Western food, Chinese food―
・Restaurant youka
・I come and come
―Home-cooked meal―
―Japanese food―
・Tortoise good luck
・Kaifu dishes Tachibana
・Diningbar 1973
・Snack idol
・Snack cabin
・Snack LARA
・Restaurant civic center


・Koutoku Kashiho
・Kamo confectionary
・Hiroto Kashiho
・T.B chiffon cake shop
・Kaitenyaki Aso

[the accommodations]

・Kotobuki inn
・Business hotel Kyugetsu
・Hotel kaneman
Accommodation of ASAHI
・Hotel AZ
・Guest house Yamamoto

[food, store]

・Ishii farm
・Kusanomi processing place
・Daiichi Bungu
・marushoku Tsukumi store
・Kitchen of the Tsukumi
・Seven-Eleven Matsuzaki, Tsukumi store
・Takagi liquor shop
・Lawson Monzen, Tsukumi store

[industry, mining industry relations]

・Association of Oita construction industry Tsukumi Branch
・Oita Kogyo
・Kai construction
・Shellfish island chemical industry Tsukumi Office
・Taiheiyo Cement Corp. Oita factory
・Oita Pacific mining industry
・Tsukumi limestone
・Matsuoka Channel industry


・Ota mandarin orange garden
・Moriwaki mandarin orange garden
・Orange farm Yamaguchi


・donnamondaiumierutsukuminchi (product building)
・Endo oil port town (rent-a-car)
・Eto Kanban shop
・Gift Kouei
・Tsukumi city Hukarazu Nisei culture fishermen's production cooperative
・Izumi print
・TAISEI Corporation
・Shimomura Electric
・Saeki print
・Flower tsukasa
・The Oita agricultural cooperative Usuki Division Tsukumi branch
・Oita fishermen's cooperative association Tsukumi Branch
・Hotojima tuna long-lining shipowner association
・Tsukumi city head of a ward society
・NPO corporation town planning tsukumitsukuritai
・Sea cold radio

[means of transportation]

・Kyushu Railway Co.,Ltd. Tsukumi Station
・Kyu-shin traffic
・Tsukumi taxi
・Hikari taxi


・Sun road is central

[financial institution]

・Iyo Bank, Ltd. Tsukumi Branch
・Oita Bank Tsukumi Branch
・The Kyushu workers' credit union Kyu-shin branch
・Oita Shinkin Bank Tsukumi Branch
・The Howa Bank Tsukumi Branch

The Kotobuki inn is open

In a program of broadcasted "may I charge it?of Tetsuro Degawa", the information called the business stop appeared the other day because "Kotobuki inn" is redecorated, but reopens business as usual. I'm very sorry. Please refer for the reservation of the Kotobuki inn at the following.
Kotobuki inn 
An address: 4-2, Chuomachi, Tsukumi-shi
℡: 0972-82-2306
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