Tsukumi-shi tourist association
South Oita. It is the place that is full of nature making the contrast that an orange mandarin orange field is beautiful on a Rias coast appointed in Nichinan Kaigan Seminational Park, the slope of the mountains.
Tsukumi-shi tourist association
"The Hyuga Donburi" which tossed a tuna in the salty-sweet sesame who base that a fisherman ate between Tsukumi mandarin orange proud of an abundant kind and high quality, severe fishing on board is one of the local cooking representing Tsukumi city. Exoticism drifts in "Hotojima" by the unique scenery that a house made with concrete jostles in the steep slope on small level ground, and the scenery is chosen as "history cultural assets 100 selections of the Fisheries Agency of the fishery fishing village which I want to leave in the future".
By the history culture, there is "Tsukumi fan dance" proud of the history of approximately 450 years to as a folk art representing Tsukumi city. The Tsukumi city is one of the war-torn country daimyos, a place of end of Prince Otomo Sourin, and the grave of the Mr. Arata Isozaki design is built in the city. "A Tsukumi fan dance meeting" is held in the end of August, and approximately 1,000 dance girls, 40 groups participate, and, as for the dance figure jumping having a folding fan elegantly, there is a splendid thing every year. Right or wrong of everybody come to the Tsukumi city which is a treasure house of these meals, scenery, history culture.

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Kawazu cherry blossom of the Youra peninsula

Kawazu cherry blossom ... of ... Youra peninsula
There is approximately 4,600 Kawazu cherry blossom in the Youra district now and becomes the famous spot of maximum Kawazu cherry blossom in the prefecture.
On a fine day, pink of the cherry tree which bloomed along the roadside shines in the blue of the sea well and adds to beauty still more.

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[history culture property 100 selections Hotojima of the fishery fishing village which I want to leave in the future]

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